Definitions for the industry segments.
Segment Definition Sample Company Types or Products Example Companies
Agriculture Companies involved in the production or distribution of food, crops, forestry, animals, and livestock. Includes people classified into any Agriculture sub segment. Food manufacturers, agricultural distributors Cargill, Monsanto Company, Dole Foods, Inc.
Agriculture > Animals & Livestock Companies who raise domesticated animals in an agricultural setting to produce commodities such as food, fiber and labor Dairy Farms, Feedlots, Poultry Hatcheries, Animal Production Foster Poultry Farms, Sanderson Farms Inc, Michael Foods Inc
Agriculture > Crops Companies that specialize in growing crops which are non-animal species or variety that is grown to be harvested as food, livestock fodder, fuel or for any other economic purpose Wheat Farms, Vegetable Farm, Fruit Farms, Cotton Farms Dole Food Co Inc, Chiquita Brands International, Cavendish Farms Operations Inc
Agriculture > Forestry Companies that specialize in the art and science of managing forests, tree plantations, and related natural resources. The main goal of forestry is to create and implement systems that allow forests to continue a sustainable continuation of environmental supplies and services Pest Control Services, Timber Tracts, Rubber Plantations, Gathering Services Weyerhaeuser Co, Potlatch Corp, Deltic Timber Corp
Business Services Companies that specialize in serving the business market Consulting firms, accounting firms, PR agencies Bain & Company, Deloitte,
Business Services > Accounting & Accounting Services Companies that provide accounting and tax-related services to businesses Accounting firms, tax consulting firms Ernst & Young, KPMG, H&R Block
Business Service > Advertising & Marketing Companies and agencies that specialize in providing advertising, marketing, and public relations services to businesses Advertising agencies, design firms, marketing agencies, PR agencies Digitas, Weber Shandwick Worldwide, Young & Rubicam
Business Services > Commercial Printing Companies that specialize in the design, prepress, printing, and fulfillment of printed materials for businesses Printing and prepress companies RR Donnelly, Quebecor World
Business Services > Graphic Design Companies that specialize in "graphic design" which refers to disciplines that focus on visual communication and presentation Design Firms and Agencies Suncoast Graphics Factory Inc, Lightsource Creative Services, Young Associates Inc
Business Services > HR & Recruiting Companies that provide products or services that assist in the hiring or recruiting of job candidates Executive search firms, HR policy organizations Spencer Stuart, HR Policy Association
Business Services > Import Export Companies involved in the international buying, selling, and distribution of goods Wholesalers, manufacturer, distributors Nations Wholesale Company, Inc., Asian Imports Directory
Business Services > Management Consulting Companies that provide services to businesses in the areas of strategy, technology, performance, and so on Consulting firms Accenture, McKinsey & Company
Business Services > Waste Management Companies specializing in the the collection, transport, processing, recycling or disposal, and monitoring of waste materials Landfill, recycling, sustainability, energy recovery and waste handling and transport companies Waste Management Inc, Republic Services Inc, Covanta Holding Corp,
Construction Companies specializing in the construction or remodeling of commercial or residential projects Construction companies Turner Construction Company, McCarthy Building Companies
Construction > Architecture Companies that specialize in the design, planning, and engineering of commercial and residential projects Architecture and design firms Gensler, William Rawn Associates, Perkins + Will
Construction > Commercial Building Companies that specialize in the design, planning and construction of office buildings, warehouses, or retail (i.e. convenience stores, 'big box' stores, shopping malls, etc.) Construction Management Firms, Project Management Firms, Building Firms McCarthy Building Companies, Zachry Holdings Inc, 3: Dpr Construction Inc
Construction > Residential Building Companies specializing in building residential buildings and communities Residential Builders, Poured Concrete Foundation & Structure Contractors A Clark March-Westin Joint, Hensel Phelps Construction Co,
Construction > Contractors Companies specializing in a wide range of construction contracting services Plumbers, Fence Construction, Fire Escape Installation, Window Installation, Gas Pump Installation, Ghi Holdings Inc, Northeast Utilities Service Co, Emcor Group Inc
Construction > Heavy Construction Companies specializing in construction of large scale products such as tunnels, bridges, dams and skyscrapers Industrial Building Firms, Land Preparation Firms, Engineering Firms Kbr Inc, Jacobs Engineering Group Inc, McDermott International Inc
Consumer Services Companies that specialize in services aimed at consumers Auto care, Hair care, Laundry services Supercuts, NAPA Auto Care, MegaWash
Consumer Services > Car Rental Companies that specialize in car and truck rental services Passenger, Truck and Trailer Rental Hertz Corp, Avis Corp, Ryder Inc
Consumer Services > Auto Repair Companies that specialize in consumer car and truck repair services Paint Shops, Body Shops, Muffler Shops, Tire Shops, Engine and Transmission Repair, Auto Dealers Jim Ellis Volkswagen Inc, Achievement Automotive Group, Body Works Collision Center
Consumer Services > Consumer Weight Health Management Companies that specialize in providing consumer health and weight management services Health Clubs, Physical Fitness Facilities, Weight Reducing Clubs, Spas Spectrum Clubs Santa Barbara, Be-Thin Inc, St John Health System Inc
Consumer Services > Hair Salons Companies that specialize in providing consumer hair and beauty services Beauty Shops, Hair Salons, Hair Stylists Supercuts Inc, M Constantino Inc, Faces Enterprises Ltd
Consumer Services > Laundry Dry Cleaning Companies that specialize in providing consumer clothing and textile cleaning services Power Laundries, Garment Pressing, Carpet Cleaners, Dry Cleaners, Laundry Mats Stanley Steemer International, Aramark Uniform & Career, Cintas Corp
Consumer Services > Non-Auto Repair Companies that specialize in providing consumer shoe, boot and hat cleaning and repair services Shoe, boot and hat cleaners and repairers Footstar Corp, NAFTA Shoes Inc, Comfortfit Labs Inc
Consumer Services > Veterinary Companies that provide health services such as dental, diagnostic, therapeutic and other related services to non numans Animal Hospitals, Veterinarians, Pet Drx Corp, VCA Antech Inc, Rood, Riddle & Partners PSC
Culture Organizations focused on the fields of arts, music, sciences, and other cultural areas Museums, Arts organizations and societies Brooklyn Museum, The Art Institute of Chicago, San Diego Zoo
Cultural > Libraries Companies that provide repositories and access points for print, audio, and visual materials in numerous formats, including maps, prints, documents, microform (microfilm/microfiche), audio tapes, CDs, cassettes, videotapes, DVDs, video games, e-books, e-audiobooks and many other electronic resources. Public Libraries, Private Libraries County of Dekalb, Queens Borough Public Library, Brooklyn Public Library
Cultural > Museums and Art Galleries A museum is a building or institution that houses and cares for a collection of artifacts and other objects of scientific, artistic, or historical importance and makes them available for public viewing through exhibits that may be permanent or temporary. Art Galleries house artistic items for public display and purchase. Museums, Art Galleries Smithsonian Institution, Metropolitan Museum Of Art, National Gallery of Art
Cultural > Performance Arts Companies involved in the creation, management and delivery of performance arts which is generally a dramatic performer who is directly aware of and in communication with the audience. Dance Studios, Theatrical Producers, Agents or Managers for Entertainers, Casting Bureaus, Ballet Productions Live Nation Entertainment Inc, Gaylord Entertainment Co, Model Productions LLC
Education Educational institutions or companies that specialize in products or services for learning and education Universities, secondary, elementary, or primary schools, learning tool companies University of California, The Princeton Review
Education > Colleges and Universities Institutions of higher education and research, which grants academic degrees in a variety of subjects Universities, Colleges, Junior Colleges University of Texas System, Lewis & Clark College, University of Phoenix, Duke
Education > K12 Schools An elementary school is an institution where children receive the first stage of compulsory education known as elementary or primary education. High Schools provide all or some of secondary education. Academies, Catholic Schools, Public Schools, Private Schools Clark Co School District, School Board of Palm Beach, Houston Independent School
Education > Professional, Technical, and Trade Schools students are taught the skills needed to perform a particular job Professional Schools Management & Training Corp, Universal Technical Institute, Vatterott Educational Centers
Energy, Utilities & Waste Companies that specialize in the production or distribution of energy sources, and utility and waste services Electricity providers, coal companies, ComEd, PG&E, Waste Management
Energy, Utilities & Waste > Energy Companies that specialize in the production or distribution of energy sources. Transmission Services, Power Generation Services, Gas, Natural Gas, Electric, Fossil Fuels, Pipelines, Brokers Exelon Corp, Nextera Energy Inc, NRG Energy Inc
Energy, Utilities & Waste > Utilities Organization that maintain the infrastructure for a public service Public Utilities Consolidated Edison Inc, Wisconsin Electric Power Co, Detroit Edison Co
Energy, Utilities & Waste > Waste Organization that maintain the infrastructure and provider services for waste management Sewage Systems, Waste Systems, Dumps, Landfills, Medial Waste, Sanitary Services Waste Management Inc, Covanta Holding Corp, Waste Connections Inc
Finance Companies involved in saving and investing money to support public, business and personal finance. This segment also includes organizations in the Bizo Finance sub segments. Bank Holding Companies, Investment Holding Companies, Trust and Trust Related Companies, Music Royalties, Real Estate Investment Trusts, Venture Capital Firms Bessmer Ventures, Mellon Financial Corp, Equity Residential,
Finance > Banking Organizations in the field of banking which is the business of receiving money on current or deposit account, paying and collecting checks drawn by or paid in by customers and making loans to customers etc. Federal Reserve Banks, Commercial Banks, Credit Unions, Savings Institutions, Fund Clearing Houses, Electronic Fund Transfer Networks, Home Loan and Mortgage Corporations, Auto Finance & Leasing, Bank of America, National First Credit Union, Visa, Electronic Merchant Systems, Ford Motor Credit Corp, American Express,
Finance > Credit Card Transaction Processing Companies in the business of providing credit cards and related transaction processing services. Credit Cards, Credit Card Terminals, Clearing Houses, Electronic Funds Transferring Services American Express Company, First Data Corp., CyberSource Corporation
Finance > Investment Banking An investment bank is a financial institution that assists corporations and governments in raising capital by underwriting and acting as the agent in the issuance of securities. An investment bank also assists companies involved in mergers and acquisitions, derivatives, etc. Further it provides ancillary services such as market making and the trading of derivatives, fixed income instruments, foreign exchange, commodity, and equity securities. Security brokers and dealers, Investment Banks, Commodity Brokers, Stock Brokers, Bond Dealers and Brokers, Security and Commodity Trading Houses, Stock Exchanges, Sun Guard Portfolio Solutions, JPMorgan Chase Investment Bank, NYSE, Charles Schwab
Finance > Portfolio Management and Financial Advisors Organizations which provide investment advise to individuals, businesses and governments. This can include pension planning, and/or advice on life insurance and other insurances such as income protection insurance, critical illness insurance etc., and/or advice on mortgages. Advisory Groups, Investment Houses, Financial Institutions Merrill Lynch, Fidelity Group, T. Rowe Price Group, Inc.
Finance > Venture Capital and Private Equity Organizations which offer seed funding to early stage highly promising business. Venture Capital Firms Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Intel Capital
Government Organizations or agencies involved in government activities Local and national government agencies City of New York, National Institute for Literacy
Government > Federal Agencies of the Federal Government Government Offices, Presidents Office, Executive Agencies Office of Government Ethics, Office of Science & Technology, Executive Office of the United
Government > Public Safety Government agencies involved in ensuring public safety Police, Highway Patrol, Legal Services, Prosecutors Offices, Correctional Facilities, Fire Departments County of Los Angeles, Department of Corrections MI, Federal Prison Industries Inc
Government > State and Province State level offices which administer public services of taxation, health, education, manpower, waste management, wild life preservation, housing and transportation programs Administration offices Attorney General Missouri, Judiciary Courts of The State, Youth Commission, Texas
Government > Towns, Cities and Municipalities Offices concerning administration and governance of towns, cities and municipalities Administration offices Harford County Board of Educn, City of Lakeland, Town of Easton
Healthcare Companies or organizations that create, manufacture, or deliver healthcare-related products or services Medical Laboratories, Blood Analysis Laboratories, Hospitals, Clinics Tenet Healthcare Corp, Quest Diagnostics Inc, Laboratory Corp of America
Healthcare > Hospitals and Clinics Private or public health facilities devoted to the care of outpatients and inpatients. Kidney Dialysis Offices, Substance Abuse Clinics, Alcohol Abuse Clinics, Blood Banks, Health Clinics, Hospitals Permanente Medical Group Inc, Universal Health Services Inc, Select Medical Corp
Healthcare > Medical Offices Offices of doctors providing a wide range of health services Doctors Offices, Surgical Centers, Psychiatrists Offices, Orthopedic Doctors, Eye Doctors, Tenet Healthcare Corp, Molina Healthcare Inc, Umass Memorial Health Care Inc
Healthcare > Pharmaceuticals Companies that specialize in the research, development, production, and distribution of pharmaceutical drugs. Pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies Pfizer, Merck & Co. Inc., Affymetrix, Inc., Roche Group
Hospitality & Hotels Companies that provide products and services related to dining and lodging Hotels, motels, resorts Fairmont Resort Hotels, La Quinta Inns and Suites
Hospitality & Hotels > Lodging & Resorts Companies that provide products and services related to lodging Hotels, Motor Inns, Campgrounds, Vacation Lodges, Ski Lodges, Inns, Bed and Breakfasts, Marriott International Inc, Harrah's Entertainment Inc, MGM Resorts International
Hospitality & Hotels > Restaurants Companies that provide products and services related to dining Restaurants, Pizza Places, Ice Cream Shops, Diners, Oyster Bars, Sushi Bars, Wine Bars, Cafs, McDonald's Corp, Starbucks Corp, Wendy's Arby's Restaurants LLC,
Insurance Companies that provide insurance products and services Life insurance, car insurance, property insurance State Farm Insurance, GEICO
Insurance > Accident and Health Companies that provide accidental and health insurance products and services Accident Insurance, Disability Insurance, Sick Benefits Associations, Health Insurance, Dental Insurance Aetna Inc, AFLAC Inc, Pacificare Health Plan
Insurance > Property and Casualty Companies that provide property and casualty insurance products and services Fire Insurance, Agricultural Insurance, Auto Insurance, Marine Insurance, Berkshire Hathaway Inc, American International Group, Allstate Corp
Legal Companies that provide legal products or services Law firms, legal consultants, patent agents Baker & McKenzie, RJH Consulting
Manufacturing Companies that specialize in the manufacturing or distribution of goods Automobile, companies, food and beverage companies, hardware companies Honda of America Manufacturing, Inc., Western Digital Corp., Apple, Inc., Hansen Natural Corporation
Manufacturing > Aerospace and Defense Companies that specialize in the manufacturing or distribution of aerospace and defense related products Aircraft, Helicopters, Engines, Heaters, Rocket Motors, Propellers, Pumps, Oxygen Systems Boeing Co, United Technologies Corp, Lockheed Martin Corp
Manufacturing > Automobiles Companies that specialize in the manufacturing or distribution of automobiles Auto Bodies, Engines, Camshafts, Air Intake Systems, Glass Harley-Davidson Inc, K & N Engineering Inc, Performance Machine Inc
Manufacturing > Building Material Companies that specialize in the manufacturing of stone, tile, concrete and glass products Glass, Bricks, Doors, Concrete, Tile, Flooring, Ceramics, Partitions, Plastics, Heaters, Structural Products, Sewer Components, Conduit, Chimney Products, Toilets, Sinks, Bowls, Bathtubs Pilkington North America Inc, Owens-Illinois Inc, Owens Corning
Manufacturing > Boats and Marine Companies that specialize in the manufacturing or distribution of boats and marine vehicles Shipbuilders, Cargo Ship Repairs, Barge Building and Repair, Sailing Vessels, Power Boats, Ferry Boats, Dry Docks, Jet Skis General Dynamics Corp, Vision Technologies Systems, Minstar Inc
Manufacturing > Chemicals and Gases Companies that specialize in the manufacturing of chemicals and gases and related products Chlorine, Alkaline, Argon, Nitrogen, Titanium Dioxide, Calcium Metal, Phosphorous Gases, Perfumes, Cosmetics Exxon Mobil Corp, Dow Chemical Co, Abbott Laboratories
Manufacturing > Computer Equipment Companies that specialize in the manufacturing of computer storage devices, computers, peripherals and terminals. Computers, Disk Drives, Tape Drives, Monitors, Printers, Scanners, I/O Equipment Hewlett-Packard Co, Dell Inc, Apple Inc
Manufacturing > Consumer Goods Companies that specialize in the manufacturing of consumer household goods. Cooking Equipment, Laundry Equipment, Refrigerators, Appliances, Lamps, Stoves, Outlets, Electrical Parts, Lighting and Lighting Equipment Whirlpool Corp, Electrolux North America Inc,
Manufacturing > Electronics Companies that specialize in the manufacturing of electronics and related components Telephones, Radio, TV, Circuit Boards, Semiconductors, Capacitors, Coils, Resistors Intel Corp, Motorola Inc, L-3 Communications Holdings
Manufacturing > Food and Beverage Companies that specialize in the manufacturing of food products Meat, Poultry, Cookies, Crackers, Rice, Fruit, Butter, Ice Cream Archer Daniels Midland Co, PepsiCo Inc, Kraft Foods Inc, Coca-Cola Co
Manufacturing > Furniture Companies that specialize in the manufacturing of residential and office furniture and fixtures Wood Furniture, Metal Furniture, Draperies, Fixtures, Office Furniture Johnson Controls Inc, Steelcase Inc, Haworth International Ltd
Manufacturing > Machinery Companies that specialize in the manufacturing of machinery non electrical Engines, Turbines, Farm Equipment, Construction Equipment, Mining Equipment, Conveyors, Hoists Caterpillar Inc, Deere & Co, Baker Hughes Inc
Manufacturing > Metals & Mining Companies involved in processing raw materials and fabrication of final metal products not including machinery and transportation equipment. Blast furnaces and steel mills, Chemical Recovery, Ovens, Bars, Pipes, Plates, Wheels, Castings Nucor Corp, United States Steel Corp, Commercial Metals Co
Manufacturing > Plastics, Synthetics, and Rubber Companies that specialize in the manufacturing of plastics, synthetics and rubber products Tires, Rubber, Gaskets, Plastics Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co, Nike Inc, Illinois Tool Works Inc
Manufacturing > Semiconductors Companies that specialize in the manufacturing of semiconductors Semiconductors Micron Technology Inc, Broadcom Corp, Freescale Semiconductor Inc
Manufacturing > Textiles and Apparel Companies that specialize in the manufacturing of textile and apparel products Cotton, Silk, Wool, Lace, Carpets, Yarn, Fabrics Mohawk Industries Inc, Hanes Brands Inc, Albany International Corp
Manufacturing > Tobacco Products Companies that specialize in the manufacturing tobacco products Cigarettes, Cigars, Chewing Tobacco, Smoking Tobacco Philip Morris International, Altria Group Inc, Reynolds American Inc
Manufacturing > Wood and Paper Products Companies that specialize in the manufacturing of wood products Logging, Saw Mills, Mill Work, Wood Products, Prefab Wood Products Masco Corp, Universal Forest Products Inc, Roseburg Forest Products Co
Media & Internet Companies involved with the production or distribution of media including radio, TV, film, publishing, and online content. Film and television companies, publishing companies, online news sites AOL, CBS Interactive, Inc.
Media & Internet > Media Broadcasting Companies involved radio and TV broadcasting Radio Broadcast Stations, TV Broadcast Stations Walt Disney Co, CBS Corp, Univision Communications Inc
Media & Internet > Information Collection and Delivery Companies which collect information on various subjects and make that information available on the Internet and other media. Web Portals, Searchable Information Services, Redbooks, Industry Listings The McGraw-Hill Companies, Bloomberg L.P., International Data Group Inc.
Media & Internet > Media Movie and Video Companies involved with the production or distribution of movies and video. Motion Picture Production, Delivery, Theaters, Tape Rental, Distribution News Corp, Blockbuster Inc, AMC Entertainment Inc
Media & Internet > Media Music Companies involved radio and TV broadcasting Record Labels, Recording Studios, Music Producers Sony Network Entertainment, Word Entertainment LLC, Time Warner Co's Inc
Media & Internet > Newspapers & News Services Companies involved in the creation and distribution of news and news services Syndicates, Correspondents, Pictures, Press, Reporting Services Associated Press, Thomson Reuters LLC, Newsday LLC
Media & Internet > Publishing Companies involved in the creation and distribution of newspapers, books and periodicals Newspapers, Periodicals, Books, Printing, Publishing Gannett Co Inc, Tribune Co, Washington Post Co
Media & Internet > Search Engines & Internet Portals Companies involved in the business of internet search engines and portals News services, search engines, directories Yahoo, Google, MSN
Non-Profit Organizations that focus on educational or charitable causes. Educational organizations, relief organizations American Institute of Philanthropy, American Red Cross
Non-Profit > Religious Orgs Organizations involved in the religious practice and education. Church, Monastery, Synagogue, Temple, Mosque, Religious Organizations, Religious Instruction Sisters of Charity, Joint Retirement Convent Inc, Christian Broadcasting Network
Real Estate Companies that focus on the buying, selling, leasing, or renting of commercial and/or residential properties. Commercial real estate companies, residential real estate companies Tishman Speyer Properties, L.P., Beacon Capital Partners, LLC
Real Estate > Commercial Companies that own and operate commercial buildings. Building Operators, Shopping Center Operators, Building Owners, Shopping Centers, Theaters Icahn Enterprises Holdings LP, Jones Lang Lasalle Inc, Nisource Development Co Inc
Real Estate > Residential Companies that own and operate residential buildings and facilities. Apartments, Single Family Homes, Mobile Homes Pacific Retirement Services, Winter Garden Preservation, LP, Northampton Partners Ltd
Resource Extraction Companies involved in metal, coal, gas and mineral extraction and mining including related Bizo sub-segments. Metal Mining, Coal Mining, Oil and Gas Extraction, Mining and Quarrying.... Vulcan Materials Co, Martin Marietta Materials Inc, FML Holdings Inc
Resource Extraction: Metals and Mining Companies that specialize in the metal and coal mining. Iron, Coal, Silver, Gold and other mining. Freeport-Mcmoran Copper & Gold, Newmont Mining Corp, Southern Copper Corp
Resource Extraction: Oil and Gas Companies that specialize in oil and gas extraction. Oil and Gas Extraction. Hess Corp, Tesoro Corp, Occidental Petroleum Corp
Retail Companies that specialize in the design, selling and/or distribution of consumer goods. Clothing companies, home furnishing companies, electronics companies Gap, Inc., Target, Best Buy
Retail > Apparel and Fashion Companies that sell apparel items. Mens Clothing, Womens Clothing, Childrens Clothing, Shoes, Accessories TJX Co's Inc, Nordstrom Inc, Ross Stores
Retail > Consumer Electronics Companies that sell consumer electronics Computers, TVs, Stereo Systems Best Buy Co Inc, RadioShack Corp, Newegg Inc
Retail > Dept Stores and Super Stores Companies that own and operate department stores Department Stores, Variety Stores, Super Stores, Club Warehouses Wal-Mart Stores Inc, Costco Wholesale Corp, Sears Holdings Corp
Retail > Drug Stores and Pharmacies Companies that own and operate drug stores and pharmacies Drug Stores, Pharmacies Cvs Caremark Corp, Walgreen Co, Rite Aid Corp
Retail > eCommerce Companies that own and operate retail outlets whos primary revenues are derived through the Internet. Auction Sites, Shopping Sites eBay Inc, Vortal Group Inc, Amazon Inc
Retail > Furniture Companies that sell furniture. Furniture, Drapes, Floor Coverings Pier 1 Imports Inc, Cost Plus Inc, Haverty Furniture Co's Inc
Retail > Gas Stations and Convenience Companies that own and operate gasoline stations. Gas Stations, Service, Convenience Stores Travelcenters of America, Cfj Properties, Susser Holdings Corp
Retail > Grocery Companies that own and operate retail food stores. Grocery Stores, Meat and Fish Markets, Bakeries, Candy Stores Kroger Co, Safeway Inc, SUPERVALU Inc
Retail > Home Improvement and Hardware Companies that sell home improvement items. Lumbar Yards, Wallpaper, Glass, Hardware, Lawn & Garden Home Depot Inc, Lowe's Co's Inc, Ace Hardware Corp
Retail > Jewelry Companies that sell jewelry. Jewelry, Clocks, Watches Tiffany & Co, Zale Corp, Finlay Enterprises Inc
Retail > Motor Vehicles Companies that sell and service motorized vehicles. New and Used Auto Dealers, Boat Dealers, Motorcycle Dealers, RV Dealers AutoNation Inc, Sonic Automotive Inc, Group 1 Automotive Inc
Retail > Office Products Companies that sell office products and supplies Stationary, Pens, Paper, File Cabinets, Envelopes Office Depot Inc, Staples Inc, Offfice Max Inc
Retail > Pet Products Companies that sell pets and pet related products. Pet Supplies, Fish, Birds, Dogs Central Garden & Pet Co, Pet Stuff Inc, Phillips Feed Service Inc
Software Companies specializing in the design and development of software technology Desktop software companies, Software-as-a-Service companies Microsoft, Intuit, Adobe
Software > Biz Intelligence Companies specializing in the development of software to enable computer-based techniques used to analyze business data, such as sales revenue by products and/or departments or associated costs and incomes. Online Analytical Processing, Analytics, Data Mining, Business Performance Management, Benchmarking, Text Mining, and Predictive Analytics. Unica, Cognos, Teradata
Software > Content and Collaboration Companies specializing in the development of software to enable the creation of content and or facilitate the collaboration between people. Web Content Management, Portals, Chat, Wikis, Document Management, Image Management Software, Product Data Management Software Adobe, Interwoven, Vignette
Software > CRM Companies specializing in the development of software to enable management of customer relations. Sales Force Automation, Marketing Automation, Analytics, Customer Support Automation SAP,, Onconctact
Software > Custom Software and Outsourcing Companies specializing in the development of custom software to specific business requirements and business who provide outsourcing services. Web Site Creation and Management Services, Custom e-commerce Solution Providers, .NET Development Services, Java Development Houses Apex Software, Open Sky Software, Blue River
Software > Database and File Management Companies specializing in development of software which enables storage and retrieval of information. Databases, File Servers, Data Backup Sybase, Oracle, FileMaker
Software > ERP Companies specializing in development of software to support and manage a companies internal and external resources, including tangible assets, financial resources, materials, and human resources. Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management, Financials, Project Management, Human Resources, Customer Relationship Management Software Oracle, SAP, NetSuite, Epicore, Sage Software
Software > Financial, Legal and HR Companies specializing in the development of software to support management of financial processes, law and human resources. Financial Accounting Software, Human Resources Management, Law Office Management FlexiInternational Software Inc, Intuit Inc., Peachtree Software , Inc.
Software > Healthcare Companies specializing in the development of software to support management of healthcare related processes. Pharmacy Management, Medical Records Management, Supply Chain Management, Computer Physician Order Entry McKesson Corporation, Cerner Corporation, Eclipsys Corporation
Software > Networking Companies specializing in the development of software to support efficient sharing of information between computers. Mobile, Wireless, Wire Line, Security, Virtual Private Networks Cisco Systems Inc, Broadcom Corporation, Novell Inc
Software > Security Companies specializing in the development of software to help secure a computer system or computer network. Antivirus, Spyware Removal, Firewalls Symantec Corporation, McAfee , Inc, Internet Security Systems Inc
Software > Supply Chain Management Companies specializing in the development of software to manage all movement and storage of raw materials, work-in-process inventory, and finished goods from point of origin to point of consumption. Demand Management, Order Fulfillment, Manufacturing Flow Management, Supplier Relationship Management Logility, Ultriva Inc, Bradnford Corp
Sports, Recreation, and Gambling Companies in the Bizo sub-categories of gambling, sports and recreation. Companies in the Bizo sub-categories of gambling, sports and recreation. Companies in the Bizo sub-categories of gambling, sports and recreation.
SRG > Gambling Companies involved in providing gambling services. Casinos, On-line Betting, On-line Sports Betting, Horse Racing Harrahs Entertainment Inc., MGM Mirage, Las Vegas Sands Corp
SRG > Recreation Companies that operate amusement facilities and services. Amusement Parks, Arcades, Amusement Parks, Theme Parks Six Flags Entertainment Corp, Universal City Development, Dollywood Co
SRG > Sports Companies that own and operate sports related clubs and facilities. Bowling Centers, Sports Clubs, Motor Car Racing Tracks, Drag Strips, Horse Racing, Golf Courses, Ice Rinks, Gun Clubs Madison Square Garden Inc, Speedway Motorsports Inc, Dover Downs Gaming & Entrtn
Telecommunications Companies involved in the design or manufacturing of telecommunications equipment or companies that provide telecommunications services. Wireless equipment manufacturer, phone service providers Cisco Systems, AT&T, Verizon
Telecom > Cable and Satellite Companies who own and operate cable and satellite networks and related services having to do with television programming. Cable and Pay TV, Direct Broadcast Services, Subscription Television Services Comcast Corp, Directv, Viacom Inc
Telecom > ISPs Companies who provide internet related services generally having to do with network connectivity. Online Services Providers, Internet Hosting Services, Internet Access Providers IDT Corp, United Online Inc, EarthLink Inc
Telecom > Telephony and Wireless Companies who provide land and wireless telecommunication services. Cellular Services, Paging Services, Telephone Services, Local and Long Distance AT&T Inc, Verizon Communications Inc, Sprint Nextel Corp
Transportation & Travel Companies that provide transportation services, vehicles, or infrastructure Trucking companies, public transportation organizations, bus services Allied Van Lines, Metropolitan Transit Authority
Transportation > Aviation and Aerospace Companies that provide air transportation and related services. Air Transportation, Air Courier Services, Airports, Flying Fields United Airlines, Federal Express, American Airlines
Transportation > Marine Shipping Companies that provide marine transportation and related services. Marine Cargo Handling, Water Passenger Transportation, Docks and Piers, Tugboat Services, Ship Dismantling Brownsville Navigation District, Gulf Stream Marine Inc, P&O Ports of Texas
Transportation > Transit and Passenger (non-aviation) Companies that provide non aviation and marine transportation and related services. Local and Suburban Transit, Bus Transportation, Passenger Rail Transportation, Subway, Taxi Coach USA, Central NY Regional Transportation, Blue Light Cab Co
Transportation > Travel Agencies and Reservation Services Companies that provide travel and shipping reservation and scheduling services. Flight Reservation Services, Travel Agents, Freight Forwarding Services, Rail Freight Agencies Cargo Agents Inc, Phoenix International Inc, American Airlines
Transportation > Trucking and Logistics Companies that provide services related to trucking and logistics. Packing and crating, Toll Operations, Inspection Services, Weighing Services, Transportation Services, NY Transportation Authority,
Transportation > WarehousingTransportation/Travel Companies that specialize in storage of specific goods as needed in the process of transportation. Farm Product Storage, General Warehousing and Storage, Automobile Storage, Special Goods Transitional Storage Facilities, Refrigerated Warehousing Faro Logistics Solutions, Cotter Merchandise Storage Company, A&A Machinery Moving Services
Wholesalers Companies that sell goods or merchandise to retailers, to industrial, commercial, institutional, or other professional business users. See definitions below for durable and non-durable. See companies below for durable and non-durable.
Wholesalers > Durable Wholesales of durable goods which are hard goods that yield utility over time rather than being completely consumed in one use. Brokers and Auctions for Autos, Motorcycles, Trucks, Tires, Parts, Used Engines. Suppliers of Furniture, Building Materials, Stone, Glass Products, Cameras, Computers Amada America Inc., Applied Industrial Tech, ARBO Box Inc
Wholesalers > Non-Durable Wholesalers of goods that are immediately consumed in one use or goods that have a limited lifespan. Paper Products, Boxes, Toilet Articles, Drugs, Gloves, Clothing, Food, Animals American Yeast Sales, Blossom Valley Foods, Fleming Company