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Work form

What should I do if I can't access the work form?

First, make sure that you're accessing the current tasks. You can always find the most up to date links at Current Onboarding Jobs or at Current General Jobs .

If the links on these pages do not work, please contact us .

What if there is no "Verify" button for the address form?

This is a known bug that happens when you access the form using http instead of https. Try using http. The tech team is currently working on a fix for this problem.

What if I can't get the address to validate?

In the feedback form at the bottom, indicate that the address did not validate and provide the address there. eg "Did not validate: 1 Wall St., New York, NY 10286".

Please also send us a message with the address that does not validate so we can let the tech team know that the verification needs fixing.

Search hints

What are some suggestions for searching for this information?

Try some of the following searches that use "Exxon" as an example:

Are these the only links I should use?

No! The reason why we're hiring workers instead of computers is so you can find the best sources of information, especially when that information is tricky to find.

How should I classify a company that provides internet access?

These companies are "Telecom -> ISPs". Identifying companies that provide internet access is extra important to us!

I see a lot of "City of X" and "County of X" search terms. How should I classify these entries?

These are government organizations, so they should be classified as "Government -> Towns & Cities & Munis".

How should I classify a church, temple, mosque, or other religious organization?

Religious organizations should be classified as Non-Profit -> Religious Orgs.

Missing or ambiguous information

What if I can't find some information?

The more information you can gather for us, the more valuable your work will be. However, we would rather that you provide no information than provide incorrect information. If you cannot find the domain, stock symbol, ceo name, or corporate address, please just leave that field blank. If you cannot find the number of employees, please mark "unknown".

What if there is more than one matching company or organization?

This often arises in the case of government organizations like "city of aurora", which could be in Colorado, Illinois, Nebraska, Ohio, or a number of other locations. In these cases, if there is a common classification among them all (Government Towns & Munis, in this case), please mark that one. Leave any questions that do not have a single answer blank.

Also, please put "ambiguous reference" in the feedback field at the bottom of the form.

What if I don't know how to classify a company into an industry?

If you cannot find the appropriate industry, please mark them as other. However, let us know if you don't know how to categorize a company! We understand that the list of industries is large and may be difficult to learn quickly. Even if you classify that company and move on, still send us a message with the company name or domain and ask us how we would classify that company. That way, you'll know how to classify similar companies in the future.

What should I do if the company's site is undergoing temporary maintenance?

Refresh the work form to get a new company. That will put the company back into the pool for you or another worker to do later.

Why am I being asked to classify companies more than once?

One of the tasks that we are trying to accomplish with your help is finding duplicate companies in our data. We do this by having you collect information like the corporate address, which we can use to match two different records that are supposed to be the same company.

Fortune 500

How do I know if a company is on the Fortune 500?

You can see the complete list of the Fortune 500 directly from Fortune magazine . Often you can simply search for the company name and "Fortune 500" to see if you get any results. For example, Exxon Fortune 500 .

Stock symbols

What is a company's stock symbol?

Publicly traded companies are assigned a short symbol to represent them on the stock exchange. Companies that are not publicly traded will not have a stock symbol.

How do I find a company's stock symbol?

The easiest way to find a stock symbol is to search on a finance site like Google Finance or Yahoo Finance . Stock symbols will be listed next to the next of the company. For example, the stock symbol of the Exxon Mobil Corporation is XOM.

  • Yahoo Finance

  • Google Finance